The idea began as a lark, a few people making sport of an automated woman’s voice on an office security system.  “Front / Motion / Door,” she would blare in a monotone, partially obscured by electronic static.  “Stop / Motion / Bathroom.”

Not being able to shake the form from his head, @spitballarmy began tweeting in trios, naming things, concepts and ideas that seemed to be completely unrelated, just for a laugh.  Some examples of those:

caterwaul / mortadella / blister pack;

lemongrass / modulator / spliff;

licorice / gratitude / fountain pen.

In the truest Freudian manner, some readers of these tweets (namely, @karriehiggins and @kmwalsh) felt a tickling in their subconscious, somehow recognizing an indefinable connection among the items that @spitballarmy had posted.

It seems that there are no three things so disparate that the human imagination will not try to connect them.  Thus, the idea for a website with a daily Cryptich (a mash-up of the words cryptic and triptych, courtesy of @kmwalsh) selected from public submissions on Twitter.

And here / it is / you are.

Comb through the Cryptichs posted here for puzzles / confusion / inspiration, whether you are just surfing by on your way to someplace else, or are perhaps hunting ideas for your next magnum opus.

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